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Use any Web browser
Easily increase utility and security for cloud services. The user and not ZSentry or the cloud provider holds the keys.
  • Secure two-factor login
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • NO CHANGES to services, devices, software, carrier, MX or other DNS records.
  • Use with any mix of email, webmail, SMS (texting), fax, voicemail, calendar, web forms, file storage, cloud service and more.
  • Use Gmail with a custom email address for your company.
  • Enroll individual Google Apps users.
You will learn how to configure and test your Cloud Client so that it works efficiently with ZSentry, to send, read, reply, and store securely. There will be no installation or add-ons, or changes to your mail service, applications, devices, and Cloud provider.

Cloud Data Privacy and Security
ZSentry addresses user and cloud provider trust concerns. Read more »

Level of Experience
End-user level, following simple directions using the main menu. The task will be to add an SMTP account to the Cloud Client. With Google, you should be able to change the Google account Settings; you may need to change the domain's configuration using the Google control panel for administrators. Setup is straightforward and only depends on your Cloud service provider. If needed, our IT staff or partners can help setup your Cloud Client. We also offer training for your IT staff, so that your organization can provide the Cloud Client setup support in-house.

Time Estimate
If you have some experience with SMTP setup, or after you setup the first ZSentry account, it should take no more than a couple minutes to manually setup another account. For volume use, the setup can be automated by tools usually available from the Cloud Client vendor, or from ZSentry.

NOTE: Integration with Google Apps
(not needed for Gmail) Verify with your organization's Google Apps administrator if an Outbound Relay is allowed. If not, before you proceed, ask to apply item #7 in the ZSentry for Google How-To »

Final Step
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