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ZSentry for mobile devices enables dozens of new productivity functions» including FREE Secure Read & Reply for your recipients.

Use with any mix of email, webmail, SMS (texting), fax, voicemail, calendar, web forms, file storage, cloud service and more.
ZSentry Secured

240 More work-hours a year for mobile workers.

99% Users who store confidential data in their phone.

15x More likely to lose your phone than your laptop.

How about data loss?
Phones and tablets can have an internal memory of 8GB or more, and some devices can be expanded another 32GB or more through an expansion slot. The real benefit is that since the mobile device can hold so much data, you can travel with the assurance that everything you need is on it. The real problem is exactly the same point, in reverse in case of device loss or data compromise. Expand / Collapse Can ZSentry help if my phone is lost? (click to read)

Quick Start

FREE Trial
Experience yourself how ZSentry looks and works in your devices, and all that you can now do securely, anywhere. People can use their phones, or any other device, to send you a FREE, immediate, secure, first-contact, message or reply, without setup. Click to get your FREE trial»

Mail Client
Use with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Galaxy Tab, Nokia, BlackBerry (through provider), Gmail, Google Apps, MS Hosted Exchange and Office 365, and other brands. Click ZSentry for Mail Clients»

Cloud Client
Use with Gmail, Google Apps, MS Hosted Exchange and Office 365, with major tablet and phone brands. Also works with older models. Click ZSentry for Cloud Clients»

ZSentry App
(uses Web browser only) Send, read, store, reply, and manage encrypted messages securely anywhere, with no setup and no cost for recipients. Works with major tablet and phone brands. Also works with older device models. To send secure messages, touch ZSentry App» and login.

Because we know that the most valuable emails for your organization are usually the emails that you receive, all ZSentry messages that you send as our customer, including email and texting, are secure and FREE to Read & Reply»

SMS / texting
Send ZSentry SMS to cell phones, with HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliance, and enable free secure reply by texting or email (even if the phone cannot send email). Click ZSentry SMS»

Fax / Voicemail
Receive faxes and voicemail securely in your phone or desktop by ZSentry mail, or by ZSentry SMS if your phone does not use email capability. Reduce cost, prevent leaks, and eliminate lurking HIPAA non-compliance risks with fax, e-fax, and voicemail. Click ZSentry fax / voice»

Get more value from what you have

Google Mobile
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia S60, other phones and tablets. Just use your phone and visit: http://m.google.com. Usually, Google Mobile applications include more functionality for phones that run the Android operating system.

smartphones and tablets

Apple iOS
iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

RIM BlackBerry
Devices and Mobile Fusion

Windows Phone Series, new high-end Nokia smartphones, Hosted Exchange, Office 365, BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Office 365 (Mobile Fusion)

S60, Lumia, and older models

SMS & other phones
Over 90 million Americans use text messaging daily. That's over 50% of cell phone users. ZSentry can send secure SMS and encode messages of any length (requires phone to have a web browser), which is compatible with older smartphones and simpler cell phones.

ZSentry for Unified Communications

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