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Usability is the #1 property of a secure system. With ZSentry, both Usability and Security are increased by demanding less from sender and recipient.

ZSentry uses in-depth security with several layers of protection. Security, however, does not come at the expense of usability or affordability. For example, with ZSentry seamless platform integration, you do not need to guess how the recipient may want to read your message. The same ZSentry message can be read anywhere, using webmail, a desktop email program, or a cell phone, with seamless service reach.

ZSentry allows you to send secure messages in a first contact to anyone with a cell phone number or email address — and do so easily for everyone, without imposing any burden higher than the effort of a single click. No registration is required to read and reply securely, even with attachments.

Uniquely, ZSentry also provides the Quick Reply function, allowing any recipient to reply securely WITHOUT registration or login, with nothing to download or install.

High usability means that you can feel confident to use ZSentry to let your message stand out from the clutter of spam, phishing and regular emails, which also makes it easier to get through or get a reply, and all at pretty much the same cost of sending a regular email.

ZSentry was developed and tested worldwide to be easy to use by consumers, who are not IT hobbyists and cannot call upon an IT department to help them. The "consumerization" of ZSentry also helps your organization, as your users are usually also not IT experts and a call to IT costs money.
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