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ZSentry Sans Target™

Why ZSentry?
ZSentry is the only security that lets you do what you want.™

Encrypt and decrypt with one click, including two-factor user authentication. ZSentry is the everything, end-to-end encryption anywhere, onsite, in the cloud, and at rest, where the user and not ZSentry or a provider holds the keys.
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ZSentry connects to who you want, using any device, anywhere, securely, better. Get peace of mind with certified HIPAA­/­ARRA ZSentry Compliance, improve business flow, and safely use cloud services such as Google Apps and Gmail, email, webmail, texting, fax, voicemail, file sharing, Mail clients, desktop, and phones of your choice. You can keep your documents safe in the cloud, not in your phone — where they may be easily stolen.   ZSentry Empowers Your Choices »

Why Sans Target? Not just SSL, not only our word. No passwords stored, does not create a target for attacks internally or online, and also protects your correspondents' communication with you.

The top five reasons our customers tell us they choose ZSentry:

  1. Sans Target™
    End-to-end Encryption
    Certified Compliance

    NO MESSAGE SCANNING. With ZSentry, your data is protected by two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, onsite, online, and at rest. The user and not ZSentry or your provider holds the keys. No storage of your Usercode, Password, or keys anywhere, not even encrypted or hashed. ZSentry is certified as a Health IT HIPAA compliant Product under ARRA and EHR, and complies with other regulations including HITECH Safe Harbor and GLBA / SOX. ZSentry eliminates notification liability under State Security Breach Laws.

  2. No Changes
    Communicate securely without previous contact, sending passwords, or setup. Your email is not received by ZSentry. No DNS changes. No plugin or installation, any OS. Already seamlessly integrated in the IT solutions that users and organizations have and know how to use, with no work for you or them. You and your correspondents can continue to use your current IT solutions, including devices, apps, email provider, email address and Inbox.

  3. Anyway Mobility
    Unified Communication

    Reduce the regulatory risk facing your organization and go beyond mobile devices, texting, webmail, email, and files. With ZSentry, there is no more guesswork how to contact people or share data. Send one message and connect securely to employees and customers anywhere, anyway, anytime, in the desktop, tablet, and phone. What users see is automatically matched to access level, experience, and device capability. Includes FREE HIPAA-Compliant Secure Quick Reply for Patient-to-Physician email convenience.

  4. Foolproof
    ZSentry is designed to avoid common problems caused by human error or misuse. Organizations can use ZSentry for secure communication with no concern that users will have password, technology, or device issues in any platform. Get and give peace of mind for email, webmail, SMS (texting), web forms, file storage, cloud service and more in the desktop, tablet, and phone.

  5. All-included price
    All services, including multiple devices per user.
ZSentry Sans Target™

Given the march of technology, the only way to truly protect information is through the absence of a target — because no firewall is good enough, and no defense is strong enough, to stop every attacker from inflicting harm.

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WARNING: If your service provider uses your email address and a password that you created in order to authenticate and allow access to your account, this means that user passwords are stored somewhere (even if encrypted or hashed).

As you can read in daily headlines, this creates a rather easy target for attacks internally and online. Any information that you have in that account can be read without your provider even knowing about it; an attacker may also use your account, send email on your behalf, delete files, and prevent your access.

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