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Our private data isn't private. ZSentry does something about that.

Get blockchain peace-of-mind, prevent Big Data collection, avoid breaches, provide user security, and use end-to-end privacy in secure email today, even using GMail. ZSentry is setup as a subscription service, starting at $9.99 for one month/user, and as low as $2.99 for bulk purchases.

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ZSentry transactions are not just secure, they can be trusted.
NOTE: For security reasons, ZSentry presents itself differently upon scanning or to a browser. ZSentry should preferably be used with email agents, using the SMTPS protocol -- it is faster and more secure. Follow step 3 at User Help For more, read Security Information

End-to-End Security with Any Device
Do what you want.™

Encryption for mail apps, web mail, SMS, phones, forms, files. Collaborate and communicate securely with 1-click end-to-end encryption. Certified Safe Harbor HIPAA compliance. From $49/year or monthly.

  • All-In-One. No changes, no add ons, not just web mail, not just one brand of web browsers.
  • Use phones and cloud provi­ders without storing private informa­tion.
  • The user and not ZSentry or a pro­vi­der holds the keys.
  • Works two-way securely, including attachments.

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The Instant-on Regulatory Compliance

Peace of mind.
ONC/CHPL certified for HIPAA, Health IT EHR and ARRA compliance. HITECH Safe Harbor.
Complies with FFIEC, SOX, PCI DSS, PIPEDA, EU Directive 95/46/EC, and rules worldwide.
Why HITECH Safe Harbor?
For peace of mind. Even if your current Health IT solution is HIPAA compliant, if it is not also HITECH Safe Harbor compliant then your organization is still subject to large fines, breach notification duties, loss of reputation, and can be sued by users in case of a breach.

With ZSentry:
 No breach notice liability
 No BAA needed
 BAA available

When a provider MUST sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your organization, this means that the provider is not able to sufficiently secure your private information even within their own domain. This increases your liability within HIPAA and also outside.

Instead, just say NO. Address the new HIPAA/HITECH Omnibus Rule and the multitude of U.S. states, EU, and worldwide data protection requirements, simplify compliance with privacy mandates, and eliminate fines with ZSentry. Customers are exempt of federal and state breach notice liability & reporting duties; and exempt of signing a BAA for HIPAA compliance, or signing a data privacy protection agreement. BAA is available, if desired. Make regulatory compliance work for you.
ZSentry Compliance »

Safe Harbor HIPAA compliance for:
 GMail / Google Apps
 cloud providers

Use ZSentry and never store private information in Google Apps, GMail, Microsoft, or a cloud provider. ZSentry is the only Safe Harbor HIPAA end-to-end encryption solution that works with cloud providers that do not comply with HIPAA, or would otherwise ask you to sign their BAA. No plugin or installation — not even of a digital certificate.
ZSentry for Google How-To »

Can ZSentry scan my messages to prevent leaks?
That would already be a leak, and could be used to negate the ZSentry HITECH Safe Harbor protection that stands between your organization and the multitude of breach and reporting rules and fines, according to US state and federal laws, EU rules, and worldwide. Instead, ZSentry includes improved Data Leak Prevention with Safe Harbor protection, called ZSiDLP™, which you can control yourself before or after ZSentry encryption.
Read more about ZSiDLP »

Works also on first contact
Email and SMS as you know, just now secure. ZSentry enables a secure and regulatory compliant first contact without sending passwords. Only the sender needs to use ZSentry. Recipients can read and reply securely, even if not a user.
Secure on First Contact »

Bring Your Own Device
Send one message and connect securely to your organization and customers anywhere, anyway, anytime, in any platform.
Your Pocket Is Your Office »

Security goes BAD (Bring Any Device)

BYOD today... BAD tomorrow
What happens when users want BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) today, update their phone / apps, and go BAD (Bring Any Device) tomorrow? Cyber­security should not crumble if an attacker does not play nice, so why should it crumble if a user behaves as... a user?

ZSentry provides multi-level security in a changing environment.
With ZSentry you can support BYOD, also for customers. People can use the device they already own and love. Safely keep ZSentry messages end-to-end encrypted in the cloud or with ZSentry Secure Vault in the device itself.

Why not passwords?
Beware of security solutions that use passwords for security, which is neither usable for the recipient nor secure. ZSentry uses two-factor, strong authentication, without passwords stored online or anywhere, not even encrypted or hashed (even though, for familiarity, the second-factor is called ZSentry Password).

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We hear you...

”Messages and calls that our organization sends and receives are being stored and used in places that I do not even know about.”

“Rising security needs and regulatory compliance are increasing our cost & risk, and reducing what users can do.”

“People do not want to download a plugin or app for security, even if free.”

“It is no longer safe to just ask users to sign a disclaimer.”

“What choices do we have?”

Empower Your Choices

 All choices

 Any OS

 Any OS

 Any cloud

 More functions

Desktop, cloud, online, or phone?
Allay privacy concerns?
Enable data integration?
Get more value?

Customers are often concerned to store and share their documents in a cloud that they cannot control or audit, in a server they cannot see, or in a device that can be easily broken into or lost. With ZSentry, customers do not need to trust the policies and security protection of providers and devices, relieving privacy and control concerns.

ZSentry is an All-In-One product
Includes App, Client and API modules

ZSentry App

ZSentry App
Included in your account. ZSentry App is the only HIPAA and end-to-end encryption solution that works with zero setup time, no learning curve, in all platforms and devices including phones. Always current. No download, plugin or installation. Secure email, SMS, storage, sharing, and much more.

ZSentry App is the encryption app for all and whoever you want to contact. Two-way secure communication. Works also as your secure Custom Web Portal, at no extra charge.

Trusted operation in Apple, Android, Windows Phone, desktop and other platforms; get directly from ZSentry, also delivered with zero-footprint in every secure message that your organization sends.

Centralized Administration
User Self-Management

Do in seconds what may take hours with others. ZSentry App includes the ZSentry Dashboard, supporting Centralized and Individual configuration settings. With more than 10 users, you can manage your ZSentry users directly with Centralized Management (and users do not need to know access codes). Service includes a detailed Support Center, 24/7 self-management tools including password reset and recovery, Support Ticket submission, and phone support.

Your pocket is your office
Send securely to anyone. Real email and real SMS (texting) and attachments, encrypted two-way solution. Works with any phone and web browser, no plugins.

Custom Web Portal
Recipients do not need to be ZSentry users. Your organization can send secure messages and attachments to anyone, also on first-contact.

The Portal is branded to your organization. Enables any recipient to securely read and send back their Secure Quick Reply (ZSQR), friction-free, with no plugins, cost or hassle to them. Your custom secure Web Portal is also integrated with encrypted email and storage. You can personalize security, control, delivery and tracking options, with peace of mind that all remains within a safe operation envelope even if the recipient is not a ZSentry user.

ZSentry Secure Quick Reply (ZSQR)
No cost SASE

The most valuable emails for your organization are usually the emails that you receive. ZSentry Secure Quick Reply is a no cost SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) included in your account. Works immediately for the recipient, with no setup, for multiple uses on the desktop, cloud and phones, for texting (SMS), fax, voicemail, and file transfer. Registered users also see a Secure Reply option, which integrates seamlessly with their Mail clients in the desktop or phone.

How does ZSQR work?
With ZSentry Secure Quick Reply (ZSQR), the recipient is authenticated as requested by the sender, then can read / save the message, view / save attachments, and reply securely by email or SMS (texting).

ZSentry for Mail and Cloud Clients

ZSentry Client Included in your account. ZSentry Client is the only HIPAA and end-to-end encryption solution that works with Outlook, Apple Mail, and phones, in any platform, without plugin and installation — not even of a digital certificate.

Good fences make good neighbors. With ZSentry Client, the choice is yours which good fence to use, in any platform. You can secure Mail and Cloud Clients, control access and file sharing with two-factor authentication, required signup, end-point authentication and identity confirmation, and custom methods including time-token and live authorization.

As easy to use as regular email
Integrated with all Microsoft Outlook versions, Exchange server, Apple Mail, and phones. No plugin. No need to login after setup.

Best utility & mobility
Uses your device’s native application setup, inbox, and address book, with a ZSentry-secured password. No login after setup. Familiar workflow with secure email, SMS (texting), and attachments. Secures files in the device and in the cloud.

Relieve cloud and theft concerns
Keep your documents encrypted with your key in the cloud and in your device.

Better GMail, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheet, and Calendar
No add-ons or installation. No login after setup. Uses any web browser or a Mail client.

ZSentry Secure Vault (ZSV)
Long-Term Archive. Works with App, Mail, and Cloud clients. ZSentry can create an end-to-end encrypted archive file that you physically control. No ZSV copies are retained or stored at ZSentry. The ZSV is a secure document retention copy at your device, or securely in the cloud, or anywhere that you choose. Easy to use, access protected by two-factor authentication, and audited 24/7 with access reports that can be sent to you before access is granted.

Centralized Secure Vault Option (CSVO)
Central Archive

No cost for accounts with more than 10 users (Centralized Management). Expands the scope of the ZSV. Provides a customer-controlled, centralized, secure, non-expiring, administration copy of all secure email sent by users of an organization, enabling independent hosting securely, and automatic archive continuity in case of user changes. The CSVO copies are sent by ZSentry to a specific ZSentry archiver user chosen by the customer. Access requires two-factor authentication, and can be independently audited.

Protect sent mail folders
The ZSentry Secure Vault can also be used to protect the sent mail folders and relieve privacy concerns, particularly critical when using cloud providers, phones, and online systems.

Leak deterrent and alarm
Control of sysadmin functions

The ZSentry improved Data Loss/Leak Prevention (ZSiDLP™) is a available without cost for organizations with more than 10 users. For enhanced security and comparta­menta­lization, preventing leaks, improper access, and internal attacks by sysadmin personnel, as well as providing evidence of compliant security behavior, organizations may also include Vault Audit protection. For example, a live authorization or additional confirmation can be requested, logged and sent with What-Who-Where-How-When and other tracking information, every time a Secure Vault copy is to be accessed at any device or in the cloud.

ZSentry API

ZSentry API
Included in your account, provides programmable SSL/SMTP send and receive connectors. The ZSentry API (Application Program­ming Interface) is the only HIPAA and end-to-end encryption engine that works in any platform. Any OS, no download or plugins. No requirements on any existing plugins, and no installation.

ZSentry Self-Destruct
This is a ZSentry API service. More than just expiration could provide, this is a neutral third-party service that can be requested by a ZSentry sender to protect and self-destruct messages and files with no action by the sender or recipients. Can also be used by the sender as a “kill switch” for loss prevention.

Enforce Non-Disclosure
ZSentry Self-Destruct works even if the file location is multiple and unknown, and in different time zones. Provides centralized, NIST-referenced, release and expiration time control of a disclosure window. The technology also provides a forensic control perimeter, with conditions defined by the sender, audited 24/7, and legally protected by well-established international laws.

Cohesive solutions

ZSentry Secure
ZSentry is an All-In-One product, including App, Client and API modules.

Immediate. When your organization uses ZSentry, you immediately get more utility and usability with certified HIPAA and security compliance for apps and services across every platform, with no add-ons or installation.

Universal. Your correspondents also get the same benefits, and do not have to be ZSentry customers, setup or install anything.

Freedom. With ZSentry you can connect and unilaterally extend the utility and security of your services and third-party products, without changing them or costing you more. ZSentry works as a middleware, enabling you to create cohesive solutions providing more value to your organization and users.

Versatile. In addition to Secure Quick Reply, Secure Vault, and Self-Destruct described above, your solutions can use other ZSentry benefits including:

Secure Access / Two-Factor Authentication
  ZSentry Secure Login»
Third-Party Proof of Delivery
  ZSentry Return Receipt» (Who, Where, When, What, How)
Secure Forms Web­/­Email
  ZSentry Form Automation»
Secure SMS (texting)
  ZSentry SMS»
Secure Document Delivery & Notarization
  ZSentry Certified Mail»
User Configuration / Personalization
  ZSentry Dashboard»
Server / Client Interface
  ZSentry API»
... Automation / Savings
  ZSentry Empowers Your Business» (30+ examples)
... Options
  Use Options» (including onsite and online)
... Devices / Apps
  Device / App choices» (update your choices at any time)
... Solutions
  Solution choices» (update your choices at any time)
... Partners

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Security Red Flags

Security Red Flags“What choices do we have?”
Solutions for online security are often plagued by hidden costs, hidden liability, and lack of both security and usability. For example, a solution may be 100% HIPAA-compliant and yet expose your organization to hefty fines in case of a fault or breach, while another solution may present a Safe Harbor with no fines or reporting duties even if there is a breach.

How To Encrypt Your Email
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