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ZSentry Mail Client Integration

The conventional approach to provide secure email for Outlook and other desktop Mail clients has been based on plugins, allowing a secure email module to integrate with the desktop email application.

Plug-ins, however, must be downloaded, installed, updated and configured. Plug-ins usually breakdown and must be re-downloaded and re-installed when the base application is updated, which can be quite frequently mandated due to security concerns. In addition, plugins may not be compatible with each other, so that updating a plugin for a different use may break the secure email use.

ZSentry presents a clean solution to these email security and usability problems. By not using plugins at all, ZSentry also reduces the development and support costs for everyone which, by a large margin, reduces our selling price and your Total Ownership Cost margin over the purchase price.

ZSentry also does not prevent you from updating your email solution, or changing it to another brand. Because ZSentry follows established technical standards, the ZSentry solution, with all your personalization options, will work with your email solution today and in the future.

More than empower your Mail client to send secure email, ZSentry supports mobility, usability, security, and versatility.

Mobility, which is important for your laptop and roaming office needs, is supported by several features of ZSentry. For example, ZSentry uses port 465 for SSL/SMTP communication. This port is not usually blocked by firewalls at hotels and mobile contact points (WiFi), that routinely block port 25 for submitting emails. This allows you to send secure email where sending regular email is blocked. You can also securely tunnel through insecure WiFi connections.

Security and usability are supported by unforgeable (cryptographic) authentication of both your name and email address when using ZSentry, with the further benefit of protecting your identity against impersonation fraud ("identity theft"), and help prevent phishing and spam (by recipients who use ZSentry).
The unforgeable authentication of both name and email address by ZSentry solves some critical usability and security problems relating to key-signing and certificate distribution in X.509/PKI, and is digitally equivalent to X.509/PKI unforgeable authentication, but without purchasing a CA certificate and having to safe-keep the private-key.
Versatility is supported because ZSentry will send your message (for example, an email or an electronic payment request) encrypted according to the choices customized by you using the ZSentry Dashboard (with secure access after login through ZSentry App), including document control (e.g.,, self-destruct), delivery, and tracking options.

After you finish a simple SSL/SMTP setup, the high level of security and versatility achieved by ZSentry will still cost just the work of 1-click to send or read, as with ZSentry App, but now with potentially increased productivity by using your own mail file systems, templates, and workflow integration, through familiar Mail clients and cloud Apps. You, your employees, partners, and customers can send and read secure email as easily as regular email, with 1-click using existing Mail clients and cloud Apps. And you can use ZSentry to provide additional end-to-end encrypted messaging services, for example for webmail, SMS and IM service, directly and securely.

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