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ZSentry Sans Target™ End-To-End Encryption
You know why you need it

Every message and call that your organization sends and receives are being stored in many places that you do not even know about. Rising security needs and regulatory compliance are increasing your cost & risk, and reducing usability. Users do not want an add-on or app for security. Users want to use what they have with no changes.

No problem. ZSentry End-to-End encryption allays privacy and security concerns. Works with and improves what you want to use in any platform, increases usability, and makes regulatory compliance actually work for you. No changes, no add-ons, no installation.

Security goes BAD (Bring Any Device)

The Z in ZSentry
BYOD today, BAD tomorrow
What happens when users want BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) today, update their phone / apps, and go BAD (Bring Any Device) tomorrow? Cybersecurity should not crumble if an attacker does not play nice, so why should it crumble if a user behaves as... a user?

ZSentry was designed with the principle that security must work also when people do what is not expected, even hostile, or when they just go BAD (Bring Any Device). ZSentry is designed and is constantly evolving, keeping in mind not only ease of use but also to avoid common problems caused by human error and misuse.

Organizations can use ZSentry for secure communication with no concern that users will have password, technology, or device issues in any platform. Get and give peace of mind for your solutions.

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