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Starts at $9.99 / month, and you can cancel at any time. Volume plans may cost less per user than mailing a standard letter per week.

ZSentry SecureNMA ZSentry adds "instant on" security with regulatory compliance, including HIPAA & HITECH Safe Harbor, increases utility, mobility, and promotes usability, with no changes, installation or plugins. For example, you can send secure emails and SMS (texting) to people in your organization and outside, including on first-contact, who can read and reply securely with no more work than one touch.

Use ZSentry App, Client, and API services with leading IT products including Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Exchange, for email, webmail, Web forms, SMS, file storage, single-sign-on, and more.

What ZSentry does NOT do
Changes. ZSentry does not change any of your services, devices, software, providers, MX or other DNS records. There is no change to any user interface. Does not change how email or other Internet protocol works. Does not receive email and does not host email addresses for users. There is nothing to download or install, no plugins or add-ons, no digital certificate to add. There is no POP or IMAP server use, no stored cookies, no ActiveX controls, no Java, Javascript is not required, setup is optional.

For example, with ZSentry you continue to receive email at your usual Inbox, with an email address that you already have and with nothing routed through ZSentry, using your Mail client or Web browser as before. ZSentry uses standard processes already available at client and server sides, including HTTPS at port 443 and/or SSL/SMTP at port 465 (safer, faster).

What ZSentry does
ZSentry connects to who you want, using any device, anywhere, securely, better. Includes a complimentary Secure Read & Reply» service to extend the same benefits to your recipients.

ZSentry works with the devices people already own and love, with no changes. Use ZSentry with email, webmail, SMS (texting), web forms, file storage, cloud service and more, for desktop and phones, your way:

ZSentry AppZSentry App
The web-based way to send, read and store secure email & files with your own choice of email provider, whether or not web-based. No installation or plugin. Works in Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, for desktop, cloud, and phone. No setup. Also provides self-management functions, including service personalization and password reset 24/7.

ClientZSentry Client
If you’re not using ZSentry with a mail or cloud client you’re missing the full picture! ZSentry Client is the app-less way to send, read and store secure email & files with your own choice of mail / cloud clients. No installation or plugin. Works in Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, for desktop, cloud, and phone. Flexible setup options, mashing mail and cloud clients for worry-free regulatory compliance according to your environment needs. No need to login after setup.

ZSentry APIZSentry API
You can easily access the ZSentry “bare metal” for maximum flexibility & performance. ZSentry API is the server-side way to send, read and store secure email & files with your own choice of email server. Also works client-side. No installation or plugin. Works in Windows, Mac, and Linux, with .NET, C#, Java, PHP, PowerBuilder, and more. Works with Exchange Server and Postfix.

All-in-1 Total Flexibility
Sender and recipients can use ZSentry in many ways, in any location or device (Anywhere, Anyway). One account can be used in any and multiple devices, even at the same time. ZSentry automatically creates a matched secure connection path, according to choices of both sender and recipients. ZSentry is provided online and is always current, with the latest updates in compliance, mobility, functionality and usability. No cost of deployment or update, and no technical support required on your site. Click for technical diagram and articleGo

ZSentry Premium
Site license with an unrestricted number of locations, devices, and users. Up to the Account Capacity, you can add and remove users as needed. If your organization is a Covered Entity, HIPAA compliance requires the ZSentry Premium service with at least a one-year license.

ZSentry Premium adds regulatory compliance, including HIPAA & HITECH Safe Harbor, provides IT with assurance that only trusted users are accessing confidential communications and corporate services, and that their devices comply with established policies even with no setup. Users' configuration profiles (Dashboard) are individually encrypted. Centralized settings are available, including for Dashboard, Secure Vault, and Return Receipt, and can be locked by IT so that settings cannot be changed.

Service includes a detailed Support Center, 24/7 self-management tools including password reset and recovery, Support Ticket submission, and phone support. You can also contact a ZSentry Certified Partner and make arrangements for remote or local support.

ZSentry Basic
This is a no-hassle ZSentry secure service offered by senders to recipients, providing complimentary Reading and Reply choices even on first-contact.

ZSentry Signup
Premium & Free Trialclick
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