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Address Book Management

You manage your contacts, Zmail manages the cryptography.

Address Book: When you are composing ZMAIL and you select a name in the list of contacts already in your Address Book, ZMAIL automatically enters the name and email address in the list of recipients (To:). If you type a recipient's email address that is not in the Address Book, the name and email address is automatically saved in the Address Book after the email is sent. Cryptographic key management is automatically handled for all contacts in your Address Book.

Contact Formats: Names and Email Addresses in ZMAIL can include comments and quoted strings, as defined in the Internet Standard IETF RFC822. For example, the following contact entries are valid:
 "J. D. Lyle, Ph.D." <jdl@none.com>  

NOTE:The Name and Email Address that you registered for your ZMAIL account, as well as ZMAIL's Support Help email address, are always available in your Address Book when you create an email. They cannot be deleted or edited with the Address Book management tool. To edit your Name, please go to Account / Management.

Address Book Management:
The Address Book Management functions can be reached from the ZMAIL screen, with an icon in "To/Cc" field. A window will open, with the available controls. You can list, add, delete, edit, export and import contacts.

• To list any contact, use the dropdown menu in the field "Select Contacts".

• To delete or edit a contact, select it using the dropdown menu. The contact will be copied to the textarea below. You can make multiple selections to either delete or edit. Click Delete or Edit accordingly.

• To add a contact, enter it in the textarea entry box. You can add multiple entries at once. Click Add.

• To import contacts, export them from Outlook or another email agent as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Copy and paste the CSV file contents into the textarea entry box , click Add. NOTE: You can add at most 1,000 addresses per operation.

• You can export all contacts, for example to be used with Outlook or another email agent as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. For security, the cryptographic keys are not exported. Click Export.

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