ZMAIL PREMIUM Service Features

ZMAIL PREMIUM includes the following features:

  • Commercial Use License -- Use ZMAIL for business
  • PREMIUM Seal -- Your verified identity online
  • Multiple-User Account -- Include user accounts at lower cost per user
  • Self-Management -- Add and close user accounts
  • Unlimited Sending -- Send ZMAIL according to your business needs
  • Credential Recovery -- Use ZMAIL even if you lose your login credentials

  • ...and:
  • EASY TO READ -- Decrypt with 1-click™
  • Send to Anyone -- Anyone can read and reply to your ZMAIL, free
  • Release Time -- Message cannot be read before the time you define
  • Expiration Time -- Message cannot be read after the time you define
  • Message Fingerprint -- Sender and recipient can verify message integrity
  • Delivery Receipt -- Know When, Where and How your message was decrypted
  • Reports and Auditing -- Full report of sent messages
  • Address Book -- Automatic contact & digital certificate management
  • End-To-End Encryption, Decryption, Authentication
  • Secures Email and Attachments
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Sender & Recipient Authentication
  • Simple and Secure Login
  • Prevents Spam, Spoofing, Phishing
  • Standards Based
  • No Change to Email Addresses
  • No Download, No Installation
  • No ActiveX, Java, or JavaScript required
You can manage and add PREMIUM users to your multiple-user PREMIUM account. Distributors can also resell ZSentry accounts.

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ZSENTRY MAIL PREMIUM TERMS OF SERVICE: The Terms Of Service are available in the registration page and through the Support Help page.


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