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Already integrated with: Microsoft Exchange Server, Office, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail, Gmail & Google Apps, Apple Mail, iPad, and iPhone, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more.

Send and read ZSentry messages with Outlook, Thunderbird, iPad, other Mail clients, and Microsoft Exchange, as easily as with regular email, using authenticated SSL/TLS SMTP service. Do more with Self-Destruct, Return Receipt and other functions. There is no plugin, no download, no requirements on any existing plugins, and no installation. Requires setup.

Pricing: Starts at $9.99 / month. Bundled Desktop, Web, Cloud, and Mobile use. No additional purchase of end-user CA certificates, add-ons, or plugins.

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Time estimate: after you setup the first account, it should take no more than a couple minutes to setup another account.

ZSentry improves, secures, and aggregates user's services on the desktop, phone, and web browser. Without any service changes, users can send, store, and read secure, HIPAA compliant data on multiple platforms, all at once. User services include email, webmail, SMS, IM, file storage, and single-sign-on. ZSentry works with leading solutions including Google Apps, Outlook, and iPad.

ZSentry presents a clean, multi-platform solution to the current email security and usability problems. Rather than have two, three or more separate user interfaces, customers can choose a single user interface and use it securely with ZSentry for all platforms. This results in increased simplicity and usability.

For example, the ZSentry Single-Sign-On (SSO) operation occurs behind the scenes, in-between clicking Send and the email being actually sent. If the user notices anything, it will be the absence of an intermediate login step.

ZSentry also adds critical document management functionality (not originally present in Outlook, or Exchange server), such as Self-Destruct, Return Receipt, and Secure Vault. These functions are important in terms of business practices and also HIPAA and regulatory compliance requirements.

ZSentry further provides flexible Setup Options for multi-platform use, making it possible to deploy secure business processes throughout the enterprise and beyond, and deliver secure messages directly to the Inbox Anywhere, Anyway.

Frequent Questions:

>> Why Desktop? Why ZSentry?
>> How about HIPAA compliance?
>> Why email?
>> How can people prevent spam, spoofing and phishing?
>> Can I reduce cost and improve cash flow?
>> How can I make Web apps hacker proof?
>> Do you have an API?
What advantages does ZSentry Desktop offer that a web-based application doesn't?
With ZSentry, a choice is just where to start. Business users commonly prefer to have their data local for privacy and control. Desktop systems such as Outlook are much easier for corporate setup and dealing with moderate to high mail volume, incoming or outgoing. And you can integrate data from different applications and different sources on the desktop in ways that you can't do so well yet with online-based solutions, such as in sending secure personalized messages merging each recipient's name and records. Cloud systems such as Google Apps, Gmail and Yahoo, offer easy access from anywhere, much lower cost (even free), 24/7 maintenance, and other benefits. ZSentry allows you to easily unlock the benefits of all options, including desktop, cloud, mobile, web, and their integration.
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