How-To Send And Read HIPAA-Compliant Secure Email

ZSentry is already seamlessly integrated with leading Desktop, Cloud, Web and Mobile solutions. To configure:
  1. Signup and/or Login using ZSentry AppClick and bookmark
  2. In your ZSentry account screen, click "Dashboard > Personalize > Save".
  3. A [ZMAIL INFO] email will be sent to your Inbox, with your setup instructions.
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Expand / CollapseWhy some people think that email is hard to encrypt?
Because that's how it has ever been, for more than a generation. Secure email was one of those things that you couldn't really explain to people. It was something that senders and recipients had to see in action, something that they both had to experience.

That has all been solved with the launch of ZSentry, which improves, secures, and aggregates user's services on the desktop, phone, and web browser. Without any service changes, users can send, store, and read secure, HIPAA compliant data on multiple platforms, all at once. User services include email, webmail, SMS, IM, file storage, and single-sign-on. ZSentry is already integrated with leading solutions including Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

How-To Send & Read Secure Email in the Desktop and Cloud. No need to choose Desktop or Cloud (and exclude good points). You can also add Web and Mobile. No installation, no plugins.
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How-To Use HIPAA-Compliant Patient-Physician Email. No HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. Use Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook, with ZSentry. Also with the iPad and phones (privacy note).
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How-To Use Gmail and Google Apps with ZSentry. Also for email addresses using Yahoo, Hotmail, and your own domain name.
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Why and How-To Self-Destruct Messages. Take global control of emails that you send. ZSentry Self-Destruct includes an effective combination of technical and legal measures that anyone can use. The service is set using the Dashboard in ZSentry App or a Task Code when using a Mail or Cloud Client.
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How-To Use ZSentry for secure SMS, IM, and Storage. ZSentry provides secure storage and messaging capability with any-size messages, and attachments. The services are set using the Dashboard in ZSentry App or with a Task Code when using a Mail or Cloud Client.
Secure SMS, read moreclick | Expand / CollapseHow-to store and read compact secure files, use secure IM

Use the ZSENTRY Skin to encrypt. Using ZSentry App: click the Skin selector and choose ZSENTRY. Using a Mail client including Gmail, Google Apps, and Outlook: submit a Support Ticket and request a free Task Code for this service.

See below how a secure record may look using the ZSENTRY Skin. The text within bars is a sample ZSentry encrypted record, with gibberish text. This Skin uses 6 bit-encoding (corresponding to 26 = 64 characters, also known as Base64), to ensure compatibility with legacy email systems. ZSENTRY Skin is also printable and faxable. The 64 characters are the 10 digits, 26 lowercase characters, 26 uppercase characters, '+', and '/'.



How to Read the ZSENTRY Skin

You can read this type by copy-and-paste: log in with ZSentry App. Expand the top right green menu and click Decrypt | ZSentry Skin Decryption. Copy-and-paste the boxed gibberish message (within and including the --- lines) into the Read Box. Click READ. That's it! Your message will be verified and decrypted.

NOTE: You can create a bookmarklet to use 1-Click Access™ with ZSENTRY Skin messages and, just like with other Skins, read many messages with a single login.

How-To Send Files Securely. Using ZSentry App: click the icon "Add File". Using a Mail client (faster to send/receive) including Gmail, Google Apps, and Outlook: add as conventional attachments.
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How-To Send a PDF Inlined. Using ZSentry App: click the icon "Add File" and check the box "Inline File". Using a Mail client including Gmail, Google Apps, and Outlook: submit a Support Ticket and request a free Task Code for this service.
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How-To Choose a Secure Email Solution. Watch out for 18 Red Flags That Signal Hidden Costs, Hidden Liability, Less Security.
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Use ZSentry Customer Service. We provide self-management tools, How-To instructions, Frequent Questions knowledge base, and 24/7 Ticket Request service for web support with live reply. Get supportclick

Protect Privacy And Not Change Email. Keep how you use email, and yet make email better than it ever was. With ZSentry, Internet users enjoy the same privacy rights as if they store data locally. Read moreclick

Get Free Zmail Basic for personal use. ZSentry Mail (Zmail) encrypts/decrypts your message and attachments with 1-click. Control and verify how your information is used, with Release Time, Expiration Time (self-destruct), and Return Receipt (When, Where, Who, What, How). Sign Upclick

Solve Business Needs. Use ZSentry to cut & avoid costs and promote revenue growth. Deliver superior usability, productivity and value to your customers, while reducing liability and protecting privacy. Read moreclick

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