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Compatibility Statistics
ZSentry works using technologies already built into your software on Windows, Mac OSX, iPad, iPhone, Android, or Linux. ZSentry is also compatible with all major ISPs, webmail services, desktop Mail clients, and phone service providers.
Apple iPad and iPhone Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Mozilla Firefox Browser Apple Safari Browser Google Chrome Browser Yahoo Gmail & Google Apps Microsoft Hotmail & Live AOL Mail Android SMS & IM Microsoft C# Microsoft .Net Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft Office Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook Express Java PHP Apple Mail Mozilla Thunderbird HTML 4.01

SSL Security
Visit to test SSL secure pageZSentry at uses standards-based Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Information exchanged with an address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission.

To ensure secure transmission of your information, SSL applies encryption between two communicating applications, such as at your office and at our secure Internet server, which is also authenticated at our server end. When your data is transmitted over the Internet, it is encrypted at the sending end and then decrypted at the receiving end. ZSentry requires standards-based High-grade Encryption level (256 bit). All SSL secure pages of this website must begin with

ZSentry is a zero-footprint interface. No cookies are stored in your computer; session cookies may be stored by your browser but are deleted when you close your browser. ZSentry does not require Java, ActiveX controls, or plugins. Javascript is used. There is no download, no installation process, no removal or removal tool, no additional security risk.

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Please tell us about any incompatible browsers, email software or service.

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