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  • NO MESSAGE SCANNING, DLP (Data Loss/Leak Prevention) is provided after encryption
  • Your data is protected by end-to-end encryption, onsite, online, and at rest
  • The user and not ZSentry or a provider holds the keys
  • No protected data is permanently stored with ZSentry, although encrypted
  • Secure two-factor login
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • Reach any user device securely with anyway mobility
ZSentry means less work with IT and users. Encrypt and decrypt with one click, including two-factor user authentication. Your ZSentry-secured solutions will feel exactly like what you use today on the desktop and phone, and your recipients' solutions will also benefit from your use of ZSentry and yet feel exactly like what they use today, with no changes.

You will receive your secure email at your usual Inbox, with an email address that you already have and with nothing routed through ZSentry, using your Mail client or Web browser as before. ZSentry does not change any of your services, devices, software, providers, MX or other DNS records. There is no change to any user interface. Does not change how email or other Internet protocol works. Does not receive email and does not host email addresses for users. There is nothing to download or install, no plugins or add-ons, no digital certificate to add. There is no POP or IMAP server use, no stored cookies, no ActiveX controls, no Java, Javascript is not required, setup is optional.

ZSentry Secure Empower Your Business
Utility / Mobility / Usability
Any OS / HIPAA / HITECH Safe Harbor / SOX

Create more value with less cost. We present more than 30 ready-to-use examples for improved business operation using ZSentry.

Data Breach / Mandatory Notification
The cost for doing business online is increasing. Data breach notification is legally mandated by U.S. State Security Breach Notification Laws, to all affected users. Audits and fines for HIPAA and HITECH regulatory compliance faults can affect any business that handles protected health information, not just health-care providers.

Given the march of technology, the only way to truly protect information is through the absence of a target — because no firewall is good enough, and no defense is strong enough, to stop every attacker from inflicting harm.

With ZSentry, you can now scale online use and sales revenue with less cost, and without a mounting liability fear, requiring less money to improve revenue. The ZSentry Sans Target technology eliminates online targets, enabling a legal "Safe Harbor" in the breach notice and compliance context, as no user identity and data can be compromised. Pricingclick | Read more

Legal Documents / Certified Mail
Cut & Avoid court and courier cost and delays. Serve private and confidential documents with legal evidence of sending and delivery, including time, place, and identification of how the documents were received, which can be forensically traced if needed, every time the protected message is accessed. Uniquely, ZSentry also provides third-party legal evidence of sending and delivery of the same content, with auditable US NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) time reference for each timestamp. Pricingclick | Read more

Customer Support
Cut & Avoid customer support cost, and delays for your customers. Statistically, 80% or more of support cases are caused by password loss, password mistyping, and phishing suspicions. ZSentry provides self-service password reset and recovery, and built-in detection of phishing, with user-friendly intuitive operation. Pricingclick | Read more on password recovery | Read more on phishing prevention

Digital Goods / Activation Code Delivery
Cut & Avoid distribution costs of your digital goods and activation codes. Scale online use and sales revenue with less cost, requiring less money to improve revenue. Simplify and use multi-channel distribution by securing activation with ZSentry. Know When, Who, How and Where about your product's activation. Prevent or track double activation. Allow easy "recharge" with new activation codes that users can purchase online. Allow activation offline. Expire activation codes, and coordinate release dates worldwide. Pricingclick | Read more

Document Delivery & Receipt
Pay much less and deliver immediately, with full tracking. Cut & Avoid FedEx, UPS, USPS costs and delays. Know immediately When, Who, How and Where your document is received. Track multiple copies and access with proof of sending, proof of receipt, and centralized report. Pricingclick | Read more

Cut & Avoid cost to extend your organization's information security to non-employees. ZSentry works for you and your customers, as well as partners and users. Support Safe Harbor regulation-compliant communication with customers, partners and users, for email, PDF, web pages, spreadsheets, and more. People can use existing Desktop and Cloud apps, with no plugins or installation. Pricingclick | Read more

HIPAA / HITECH / Regulatory Compliance / Safe Harbor
ZSentry complies with HIPAA requirements and other regulations, including U.S. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and Federal Trade Commission recommendations, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HITECH, Safe Harbor, and ARRA. Cut & Avoid cost to achieve regulatory privacy & HIPAA compliance, avoid breach notification duties and fines of $10,000 up to $1.5 million per violation, and other expenses, by taking advantage of ZSentry Safe Harbor compliance in state, federal, and international regulations. Pricingclick | Read more

Electronic Medical Records.
Make the push for EMR adoption work for your business and productivity, not just about data privacy. No changes in the user interface, no learning, no commitment in other areas, no change to any other aspect of the operation, and with a low added cost. ZSentry operates in full HIPAA compliance without requiring covered entities to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA); if desired, a BAA can be signed. Because a BAA is not required, ZSentry enables "instant-on" compliance. For example:
  • Add ZSentry to your existing email application and communicate securely with Covered Entities as well as with patients, even on first contact and protecting their reply to you, as easily as with regular email. Pricingclick | Read more
  • Health Care Providers: Add ZSentry to your current Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution, allowing communication by secure email in and out of the EMR system. Such hybrid ZSentry/EMR systems are already familiar to users, can greatly simplify adoption, reuse investments, and can be certified by the DHHS in the US ARRA program. Pricingclick | Read more
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR / EHR) solution providers: Contact us» to add an SSL/SMTP interface link to NMA ZSentry for a complete HIPAA-compliant and government ARRA-certified solution.
Home Office / Hotel / WiFi / Access Protection
Cut & Avoid costs to protect home office, roaming office, and hotel communications, for your employees and partners. Preserve HIPAA and HITECH Safe Harbor compliance, as well as with other privacy regulations, and prevent data loss. Send secure email where sending regular email is blocked. Securely tunnel through insecure WiFi connections. Pricingclick | Read more

Improve iPad and iPhone Security
Prevent privacy leaks with apps and passing along information to third parties. ZSentry includes protection against iOS keyboard cache files. Pricingclick | Read more

Installation and Update
Cut & Avoid costs for installation, update, delays, work interruption, and incompatible updates. Scale online use and sales revenue with less cost, requiring less money to improve revenue. ZSentry is always current and is provided with no installation, no plugins, no plugin incompatibility, and much lower cost of deployment and operation. Pricingclick | Read more

Information Protection
More than just encrypted email. Cut & Avoid costs caused by data loss, and loss prevention. Get complete control of your information life-cycle with release, self-destruct (expiration) and other encryption options. Limit who can read, when, where, and how. Protect any platform, desktop, web and mobile. Pricingclick | Read more

Cut & Avoid costs to insure your services, even if your organization is self-insured. Prevent reputation loss. Uniquely, the ZSentry Sans Target technology eliminates common online targets such as username/password lists, plain text user data, and even the encryption keys. Pricingclick | Read more

Market Research
Cut & Avoid costs of market research. Use ZSentry to securely automate and send market research trials and surveys to focus groups, or spontaneously by online request. Protect both your information and the response. Expire your surveys and trials, and coordinate release dates worldwide. Pricingclick | Read more

Mobility Access
Cut & Avoid costs of adding mobile office reach. With no additional cost, send and read secure ZSentry messages in any major phone or web browser with 1-click. No set up. No need to pre-enroll recipients. Only requires SMS and web browser, works with all major brands. Pricingclick | Read more

New Expenses / Investment
Cut & Avoid new expenses and new investment to expand services or comply with privacy regulations. ZSentry provides a secure Services- Oriented Architecture (SOA) located as a middleware between your business processes and the infrastructure needed to execute them. No need to change your applications or infrastructure. Extend your existing IT investment with added mobility, usability, security, and versatility. Pricingclick | Read more

Cut & Avoid costs of adoption campaigns to overcome online use resistance. A 2010 survey commissioned by Microsoft shows that 90% of the general population and senior business leaders are concerned about the privacy and security of their personal data in the cloud. The ZSentry Sans Target technology eliminates online targets, reducing adoption fears as no user identity and data can be compromised. Pricingclick | Read more

Cut & Avoid costs of notaries and improve evidence strength with NIST-based timestamps, verifiable content, and publicly verifiable digital signatures. Pricingclick | Read more

Office Resizing
Cut & Avoid repetitive office work, reduce allocated staff, reduce errors and rework. Reduce potential regulatory compliance risks by untrained personnel. Use ZSentry Client and API to automate and secure office tasks, for example, to send, receive, archive and process forms and documents. ZSentry also offers centralized options allowing you to enforce policy rules before any message leaves your facility, with per-message, local, and global rules that are centrally-managed by you, and auditable. Automatically integrate, process and save/send data securely from different applications and different sources. Pricingclick | Read more

Online Form Processing
Extend your business processes online, improve mobility, and reduce regulatory compliance risks. Securely and cost-effectively, capture and leverage your business-sensitive customer data. Prevent internal data breach and leaks by automatically controlling data views according to access status. Securely host, send, receive, archive and process forms and documents. Use data securely from different applications and different sources in your organization's back-end systems. ZSentry Client and API can provide these and other benefits to your organization. Use your own IT or consult us for options. Pricingclick | Read more

Online Sales
Scale online use and sales revenue with less cost, requiring less money to improve revenue. Cut & Avoid SSL, secure website costs, and payment solution costs. Offer secure web pages and paying solutions using SSL and your company's domain. Measure and improve not only customer support response but also when, where, and how your customers are using your information. Pricingclick | Read more

Online Coupons and Rebates
Cut & Avoid costs and third-party control for your online coupons, rebates, free sample and promotional codes, deals, and fidelity offers, and prevent business information loss. Use ZSentry to automate & secure issuing and managing your own coupon offers, as easily as sending email. Expire your coupons and coordinate release dates worldwide. Pricingclick | Read more

Onsite Servers & Staff
Cut & Avoid costs of onsite servers and respective technical staff overhead. Prevent online servers knowing your messages and data. Securely migrate your applications and infrastructure to cloud services with ZSentry Zero and ZSentry App, while retaining critical services onsite with ZSentry Director. Scale online use and sales revenue with less cost, requiring less money to improve revenue. With ZSentry Sans Target technology you do not have to worry about your data being stolen online. Pricingclick | ZSentry security | ZSentry Desktop and Cloud | ZSentry Director

Printing and Scanning
Cut & Avoid printing, scanning, storage costs and delays, while improving information security and privacy. Embrace a green label with print avoidance while retaining physical access control of your data. Enable digital categorization and processing of documents, automate information gathering, and enforce central policies. Pricingclick | Read more

Replace Fax / Phone Calls / Voicemail / SMS (texting)
Receive faxes and voicemail securely in your phone or desktop by ZSentry mail, or by ZSentry SMS if your phone does not use email capability. Send ZSentry SMS. Make SMS (texting) HIPAA-compliant. Reduce cost, prevent leaks, and eliminate lurking HIPAA non-compliance risks with fax, e-fax, and voicemail.Pricingclick | ZSentry fax / voicemail | ZSentry SMS

Sales Closing
Cut & Avoid broker costs, protect privacy, and retain direct, full documentation with digital certified delivery, digital access control based on verified identities, and authorized-signer credential recovery in case of loss or death. Pricingclick | Read more

SASE / Free Secure Read & Reply
ZSentry can help your organization stimulate response with its unique "Secure Quick Reply" feature, allowing first-contact recipients to securely read & reply to you without registration, having to get a password, solve puzzles, or do any work but that of a single touch. ZSentry is intuitive to use by consumers, with no training. Cut & Avoid postal mail costs for sending SASE (self-addressed, self-stamped) envelopes. Pricingclick | Read more

Staff / New Personnel Training
Cut & Avoid training costs for privacy and security compliance, costs for training new personnel, and costs for IT qualifications. For example, Gmail can send secure email ZSentry directly, without any plugins or installation. Users just hit Send in Gmail. Easy to setup using only Gmail Settings. The same works with Outlook, Apple Mail, or other desktop Mail client. Decryption is also as easy. Pricingclick | Read more

Tech Support
Cut & Avoid internal tech support costs and delays, and wasted staff time. ZSentry was developed and tested worldwide to be easy to use by consumers, who are not IT experts and cannot call upon an IT department to help them. The "consumerization" of ZSentry also helps your organization, as your users will likely not have to wait for tech support to tell them what to do. Pricingclick | Read more

Insurance / Billing
Cut & Avoid costs, leaks, and losses. Use ZSentry to protect and leverage your business-sensitive customer data. Automate & secure processing of insurance claims, sales, billing, and payment. Enable e- payments by PayPal and other processors, directly in the bill you send, selected from each customer's preferences on file. Add your own messages for new products and offers, using data securely from different applications and different sources. Pricingclick | Read more

Cut & Avoid costs of secure vaults and archiving services. If your organization must keep records for many years, use an off-site secure archive to prevent catastrophic loss, and/or use recovery systems to retain access to documents if key persons are not available, then you can use ZSentry to create non-expiring, secure vault copies with multiple-access, and access auditing, with or without a release time (for example, no release before 3 years). The Secure Vault copy can also be provided with secure off-line access, allowing archived electronic records to be decrypted locally even if there is no network access. Pricingclick | Read more

Do More, Anywhere
Cut & Avoid costs to send and read messages to/from anyone, securely, without previous contact. With ZSentry, recipients can read and reply securely even without registration, anywhere, using desktop, web and mobile platforms; senders can also require registration and login for added security. Pricingclick | Read more

Voting & Decision Making
Cut & Avoid postal mail, phone, and meeting costs, improve privacy, increase participation, demonstrate voting & decision integrity. Legally binding in private elections. From our partner Safevote

Get More Value and Cut Cost

The quickest and surest way to earn money is to cut & avoid cost. This simple fact is gaining even more importance today as budget shortfalls are affecting private and public sectors worldwide, and are likely to continue to be a concern into the next years.

However, the New Economy market reality is bringing to the front not only the need to cut & avoid cost but also to promote revenue growth.

Organizations worldwide are finding that moving to online and mobile technology can help cut cost, be more competitive, and find new ways for revenue growth. However, there is much more risk online and with cell phones.

With hefty fines of $10,000 up to $1.5 million per violation, mandatory and costly breach notification to customers, and ensuing loss of reputation, your organization may be exposed to large losses in case of a fault or breach causing data and impersonation fraud ("identity theft"), even if your online / mobile solution is 100% regulatory compliant.

As exemplified above in more than 30 cases, ZSentry can help your organization find new, critical opportunities for cost reduction and cost avoidance while reducing waste, promoting a green eco- friendly label, and promoting revenue growth.

Please contact us» to receive a FREE case study.

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