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10. HOW-TO use POP or IMAP for downloading your email messages from Gmail or Google Apps: You can configure your Mail client (desktop, tablet, or phone) to use POP or IMAP. For security reasons (no plaintext Sent file synchronized back to Google) it may be simpler to use POP with ZSentry for Google, not IMAP. However, IMAP can also be used securely. The Google POP instructions are usually at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&ctx=mail&answer=12103.

11. HOW-TO verify errors when sending secure email: You may receive a [ZMAIL INFO] email sent to your ZSentry email address giving you feedback in case of an error. You can filter these messages, for easy review.

12. HOW-TO request a Return Receipt, set other ZSentry features: all ZSentry personalization options are set or cleared using the Dashboard, where you will also find the help links explaining each feature. To access your Dashboard, click Login in the ZSentry AppClick and bookmark and check/uncheck what you want. Then click Dashboard/Personalize/Save, which also makes it accessible by Google when using your Google account.

13. HOW-TO send secure email from any email address that you own or operate: You can use your Google account to send secure email using an email address from Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Live, Hotmail, AOL, .Mac mail, and other providers, including your organization's own domain name. First, signup and get your ZSentry PASS for that account. Next, follow the Google setup for that PASS, using any host Google account.

14. HOW-TO centralize all your secure email accounts in Google: You can automatically forward mail received at a recipient's Inbox at any provider (for example, for "user@yahoo.com") to Google, and then handle all secure sending and receiving only in Google. This works because ZSentry authentication works across the forwarding boundaries.

15. HOW-TO read secure email using any provider: you receive ZSentry secure email in your provider's Inbox (for example, at user@yahoo.com), and read by clicking a link (also by copy-and-paste, or as the sender has defined). There is no setup for reading using ZSentry App (uses a web browser).

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