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NMA ZSentry Premium

All-In-One. NMA ZSentry Premium includes secure App, Client and server API modules, with customized services branded to your organization, such as email, SMS, file sharing, vault, and web portal, and support 24x7.

Use Now
Use your own device, email address, cloud provider, and platform. No changes, installation or plugins. Works natively and two-way with whatever solution you and your recipients use. Provides "instant on" regulatory compliance, including Safe Harbor HIPAA certified compliance.

FREE Trial and Demo
Request TrialLearn by doing. Experience how ZSentry works.

Privacy and Regulatory Relief
Use Google Apps, Microsoft, phones, or a cloud provider without storing private information. ZSentry is HIPAA certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and CHPL listed. Customers are exempt of federal, state, and EU breach notice liability & reporting duties; and exempt of signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA compliance, although a BAA is available if desired.
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Straightforward Start
After purchase, you will receive an email from zsentry.com with instructions and will follow them according to your case:

 Individual or two Users: Follow steps 1-2-3 in the Sign In instructions»

 Organizations (>2 Users): One or more ZSentry Account Managers (ZAM) in the organization will be appointed to work more closely with ZSentry, control account roll-out, add and remove users. For >10 users, users do not need to know their access codes. Account Roll-Out, Centralized Management, and other instructions for organizations are given in the Sign In instructions»

You are free to choose your Devices, Apps and Solutions.

1. Pricing
No other fees, or setup fees. Freedom to cancel at any time. Simple to buy, the same All-In-One product is delivered for any payment option. Unique Lifetime Benefit™ with lower long-term price. We provide discounts for non-profit and charitable organizations; to request a quote, click Quote»

2. Online Purchase
Up to 25 users, you can get pricing and purchase online now. First, select the number of users. Then, look for the prices shown under each Plan. To get your invoice, choose your Plan and click the respective "Buy Now" button. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. Centralized Management (CM) is available for more than 10 users.
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Touch each line in the first column, for added information.
Number of Users Account Capacity

Select the number of users you want, where a user is counted as an email address. If the option has a range, this means that you can add users within the range. For more than 25 users, ask for a quote.

CM: Centralized Management. For more than 10 users you can manage the ZSentry users directly.
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Plan Start at $49/year

Freedom to cancel at any time, paying every month, or every year with less cost. All plans include the ZSentry Lifetime Benefit.
Freedom MFreedom YBusiness PRO
Payment Best Value

No other fees, or setup fees. The price per user is locked-in during the subscription period. To save more, join the Lifetime Benefit Business PRO with multi-year price.

For details, see Terms of Service and Sale.
Month subscription. Cancel at any time. Year subscription. Cancel at any time. Multi-year subscription with greater savings. Cancel at any time.
Lifetime Benefit™
“Own Your Cloud” Pay Less

Pay less per year if you use longer with Business PRO.

For details, see Terms of Service and Sale.
Try First
No Prepay. Join the Lifetime Benefit Business PRO later, and drop the cost down to 50% or less of the Freedom Y subscription.
Included Now
With the Prepay, the Lifetime Benefit Business PRO starts immediately for 50% lower year cost and additional savings of over time.
Prepay Business PRO only

For more savings, use a multi-year plan. The Prepay is due upon purchase (you will get an additional bill) and brings the subscription price down so that your Lifetime Benefit can start immediately. Your savings will exceed the Prepay amount.

For details, see Terms of Service and Sale.
$0.00 $0.00 select
Recurring Recurring charge

We will charge this amount to your credit card one or two days before each subscription period, per month or per year, at the same locked-in price.

For details, see Terms of Service and Sale.
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TOTAL Today Amount Charged

When you click Buy Now, these are the charges you pay today. For a Business PRO account, the total includes the Subscription that you start now and the Prepay invoice that will follow by email.
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Terms and Conditions Terms

Please review the Terms of Service and Sale; do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.
By purchasing ZSentry I agree with the "Terms of Service and Sale" available in this site and given below.
ZSentry Premium Terms of Service and Sale »
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You will be able to review your order before you pay. Choice of VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, or Paypal. After purchase, you will receive our email with instructions. Please allow time for processing.
After your purchase, please allow time for processing.
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3. Quote
Get QuoteTap Get Quote for pricing with more than 25 users, or discount for qualified non-profit and charitable organizations. Please specify plan (Freedom Month, Freedom Year, Business PRO), number of accounts, and organization.

4. Custom
Customized specifications. NMA ZSentry Premium, ZSentry Director and other configurations. Available physical control of plaintext information and first encryption layer, ensuring an end-to-end secure tunnel from sender to recipient; online servers cannot read any message. Meets ITAR, government, and no-foreign host regulations. Can be installed and certified in systems that are owned, controlled, and hosted by the customer. Read more»

Tell us your specifications:

Request Support TicketSupport Ticket»

HELP: Call Toll Free (not available for your device)

Read More Partners
Our ZSentry Certified Partners» may also provide local and online services for your organization, and help assure regulatory compliance. All setup and customer support for the ZSentry product is done directly by ZSentry.

Why Your Organization Should Use ZSentry
ZSentry online and mobile technology can help your business find new ways for cost reduction, and go beyond to focus on generating more value to customers and users. ZSentry provides regulatory compliance with unfettered mobility, and makes your messages stand out from the clutter. Send secure messages with 1-click, including mail and SMS. Receive secure messages in your regular Inbox, as usual, and read with 1-click. Use the Dashboard to include branding, and personalize options.

COMPLY WITH BUSINESS REGULATIONS: Regular email is not a secure method of communication. Every email or attachment you send over a computer network is copied (and perhaps even backed up) on many different computers, without your explicit knowledge and consent. Anyone can send a regular email in your name or using your email address.

Main Technical Notes
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