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Looking for email end-to-end encryption to use with GMail, Google Apps, and more? Looking for certified HIPAA and HITECH compliance that you can use today? Try ZSentry now.

About the ZSentry Trial:
  • No commitment: This is not a ZSentry account.
  • ZSiDLP™: Your organization can prevent data loss and hold privacy close. NO MESSAGE SCANNING.
  • Learn “hands on”: Encryption and regulatory compliance. See how ZSentry is easy to use and straightforward to communicate with anyone using certified HIPAA compliance; no download or setup.
  • Secure Two-Way: Read and reply securely to us. Try by yourself how ZSentry works two-way (receive / send) in any device, phones, and platform.
  • Test Live: Use the ZSentry App live user-controls and see how each screen looks and works in any of your devices and phones, including a special reader (try it!) for clear and easier reading in any device. Meets and exceeds accessibility guidelines for the visually impaired.
  • ZSentry Integration: (after ZSentry purchase, examples in the Trial) You will be able to send to anyone, using your own Mail client, phone, web portal, or server, in any platform, as easily as regular email. Secure files, email, SMS (texting), sharing, long-term archiving, offer your branded Web Portal for customers, and more. ZSentry is an All-In-One product, including App, Client and API modules.
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